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December 2000 diary

6th of December 2000 After we arranged for our living in Roquetas, put Nastasja in the kindergarten we started looking for work. Nina went a few times into the employment office, but although the Spanish were always telling her they look for people at the orchards, she came back and had found nothing. Money was a big problem. Last winter we had the same problem and things turned to our favor when I met the right people to work on the ships wharf. Now we would just be patiently looking for an opportunity and I was sure we would master the winter and make enough money for the next summer.

I kept working on my list and discovered that I had a time-consuming task maintaining a lot of items on the boat, which I had no time for in summer. How can I earn money, take care of the children and work on the boat. Nina said she would better be off in Switzerland, working there and having the children with her. We argued a long time and finally agreed to take advantage of a very reasonable charter flight to Germany. I would work on some Internet projects for my brother Thomas and Nina was able to find some daytime work in Switzerland. If things turned out well she would stay part of the winter in Switzerland and earn the money for us. On the other hand she did not want to be separated from the children, but with them she was not able to work. What a messy situation.

Amberella 2000

10th of December 2000 Good news from Zurich. Nina will have a part-time job during the holidays. This will at least pay for the air fare and opens more possibilities for a job.

I have sold the outboard motor and the dinghy. Actually I wanted to keep the motor, but I got a very good price for both together and with the money I can afford a brand new outboard motor. In my opinion the rubber dinghy should be replaced by a hard fiber glass one. There are a few more items I want to get rid off. It is amazing how many stuff is traveling with us on board. We could open a flea market.

17th of December 2000 We fly to Germany, via Palma de Mallorca. Nastasja is very excited to see her grand parents and cousin's. We have almost 4 weeks to spend. Nina will take the children to Zurich.

Thanks to all readers and sailors who kept encouraging us to keep this website and our project alive. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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