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November 1999 Diary

24th November 1999 The sailors community in our marina increases. We now plan for some events for the holidays in December. Yesterday was a little pre christmas market. We visited the Swiss and German stand and enjoyed swiss cake and "Glühwein".(glogg)

I was a little lazy last week and did not start any project on the boat. But this will change next week, when I begin with some interior work.

24th November 1999 Nastasja's 3rd Birthday today. We will have a little party and lots of presents wait for her. We will visit the auquarium of Rhodos and try o get some horse riding.

The day is perfect with a clear sky again and moderate temperatures. It's Birthday day:)

Happy Birthday

Nastasja Birthday Picts

22nd November 1999 Right in time we finished the two wooden hatches, befor the first rain of this winter startet. The Sikaflex dried very quick in this optimal climate, so the hatches could be sanded earlier.

20th November 1999 Electrical matters. Almost a happy day. The alternator worked fine, even without the lamp the shop suggested, because there was a hour gauge connected instead. But this one does not work . I mean it draws some power and induces the alternator, but it just does not run the hours anymore. When I had a look inside I saw that this really old model is working fine when I kick the pendel a little. Unfortuately I can't reopen it all the time I want to count the engine hours. So I checked for a new one in the shops, but the prices vary between 60 and 100 $. So I rather bring the old one to a watchmaker. Maybe he can help.

I connected the alternator only to one battery set at a time. I can switch between them manually, but need to stop the engine when I do so. Otherwise the electronic of the regulator gets blown, because an alternator with no batteries connected (even for the moment of switching) can create some high voltages which destroy the diodes. To evercome this problem I need a switch with overlapping connections. This way the alternator will allways be connected to the batteries, working as buffer, even when I switch over.

I could also add a relay which automatically switches between the batteries, or I add diodes and connect all batteries in paralell. But diodes reduce the charging voltage. So I stay with my secure solution for the moment and switch manually until I find either a relay, or the mentioned switch.

19th November 1999 The alternator did not work for me. I just did not get power out of it. So I had to ask the service from the shop I bought it. When he arrived it took him 1 minute to figure out that I needed a lamp connected to induce the alternator. Okay, got that, but than I could not find a plug to connect the tachometer. The shop guy had to come again, but he took the alternator with him, bacause this type of alternator did not have a W connection. One day more to wait. Finally I had everything put together again.

18th November 1999 While I charged the batteries the whole summer with solar and wind power I now decided for this traditional solution, because there is just not enough wind in this marina:) so I need to have an alternator. While I was shopping for sikaflex I had a look at a new alternator too. The shop owner was really friendly and borrowed me a new alternator in order to see if this size fits. Unfortunately the Canadian 100 A alternator did not fit into my engine room. So I settled for a French 65 A alternator which was a little smaller. Of course as always when I replace something it just does not work plug and play. First one nut broke and I had to think for a diffenent spot to attach the alternators adjusting bracket. Of course there was no 100% solution, but I hope it holds well now.

I spend some money for a little batteriecharger too, because it is handy to use the 220 V power of the marina. All in all I ended up to spend all of our latest earned money, some 300 $. I had to figure out how I can charge both batteries, while I would discharge only the house batteries. Since I did not want to use diodes I could not think of a solution yet.

Roland spent his time to prime and fill the sikaflex into the groove of the new hatches.

17h November 1999 Those hatches will be really nice. I am excited. We glued the top pieces of both hatches. I had to ask the neighbor boats for more clamps, because we were running out of them. I wonder what the hatches look like, when I can sand the excess sikaflex in about 2 weeks.

16th November 1999 We started to built two hatches for AMBERELLA. I could get some Iroko wood (African Teak) which is 1/3 of the price of teak, but has almost the same qualities. With Roland as professional carpenter I can learn quite a few skills now. I postponed this project so long, because I was afraid to mess it up. But now I run into the right person to help.

First we calculated the size of the planking, than cut it in the work shop. Later we bundled the lot and sanded the edges, because they need to be very exact when the sikaflex is added. We laid out the pieces and put 5mm plastic pieces between them. Roland double checked everything until we were totally satisfied. We cut all pieces to the right sizes and cut the angle of 45 ° for the corners.

15th November 1999 Roland and me spend some days working for the Animal Welfare of Rhodos. We built a big doghouse from plywood. We expected to finish the project within 2 days, but as always it turned out to be 4. But with the money earned we can focus on our own work boats again. Roland built his 10 m Van de Stad yacht completely by himself, using marine plywood.

10th November 1999 The sail back to Rhodos was quite boring. The calm forced us to use "Otto", nickname of AMBERELLA's diesel. It run without problems, which I noticed happily. We arrived late at night in Mandraki harbour. There was a lot of lightening in the Turkish mountains and we expect bad weather for the next days in Greece too.

Today we began to tidy up for a long stay in Rhodos. We might sail to Marmaris again, or Fethiye if Klaus needs more teak. But AMBERELLA will winter definitely in Rhodos. We noticed that it is almost 3-4 degrees warmer than in Marmaris.

The shortage of money forces us to look for work again. As soon as some money rolls in, I have to start with the refurbishing again. There are a few things that have to be done a.s.a.p. And of course we want to sail off in spring, with a ready boat.

7th November 1999 Roland and me drove to Bosporun. The drive along the mountains and the bay of Ohanye was very impressive. We found some teak wood and spent most of the day selecting the proper pieces. With the expensive price of 9000 DM per m3, we choose very carefully. Actually we figured that Klaus could get the teak in Rhodos to the same price. But we found some teak plywood and veneer as well, which he could not find in Greece.

6th November 1999 Marmaris the tourist spot is almost empty. Most of the shops and restaurants closing now the season. Only a few remain open.

While Nina took Nastasja to the playing ground Roland and me went into the shipyards looking for teak. It started very well, because we found the places we had to look for very easily. But than the trouble started as usually. Nothing goes quick in Turkey. First we were told that the wood shops only sell their wood to local companies, but not to individuals. Later we were told that the wood that we had reserved is not here, but has to be ordered from Istanbul. And in the end the price changed. That was enough for us. We called Klaus, the German we buy the wood for and he now has to decide what he wants.

In the meantime we met some friend again. Wolfgang and Angela from the catamaran "Linga Longa". I met them last year and helped checking their mast.

5th November 1999 We set sail to Marmaris, Turkey. With us came the Dutch Roland, from SY Arrow. He is carpenter. Our mission is to buy teak wood for a German boatbuilder. We had the main up, but there was no use because it was completely calm. We hoped to get some wind in the afternoon. Our diesel engine, nicknamed "Otto", did never run longer than 1 hour. I have ckecked for air leaks in the fuel system for about 5 times now and changed a lot of connections. But we are used to Otto's behavior so I was betting that we would not make the 23 miles with the engine.

But as the time passed and Otto was still running I got more and more confidence that the air problem is solved. I still did not want to motor the whole distance, so we stopped at Ciftlik Bay and had a warm welcome from Mehmet the restaurant owner. There was as well the Yacht Isenisca with Georg and Rita. We know Georg already for about 2 years.

We noticed that now the winter really starts. There are only few boats on the way and the bays are completly empty, no tourist, no music, no fleet charter boats. The water is 25 °C and cristal clear. It's the time for octopus and crabbs.

3rd November 1999 The world is small is what we sometimes say, but how really small it is I realized yesterday. When I had a talk with the crew of SY "Sound of Music" from Brisbane, Tonnie and Heinrich we came to the subject of sailing in Australia. I mentioned that I sailed with Nina the western cost and the Kimberleys, the most unspoiled sailing area in Australia. Suddenly Tonnie said that the yacht Black Magic (see picture of our homepage) was at the same time in the King George as Sound of Music. We did not meet us than, but noticed the boats name. Tonnie had a look in her logbook and search a few pictures. And there we had the proof. We had both the same picture taken.

The world is small. This picture was taken on July 19th 1996 when we sailed the Australian Kimberleys. We met the yacht "Sound of Music" again in Mandraki harbour, Greece.

I have started to write about this trip, but never finished and edited the story.(sorry, but one day:)...

As we talked all night about this time we found out that we have the same pen friends, the crew of "Ocean Strider" from Sydney which we both met on different occasions. And there were a lot of other yacht names which we all knew . Heinrich kept checking his logbook and called out names from yachts they met and I told them the name of the crew. That was a rellay good evening and reminded me on our wonderful time in Australia.

1st November 1999 We did not expect to have still such nice weather. The day brings temperatures of 27-30 °Celsius and the the water has a pleasant 25 ° C. We don't ask more. The major attraction of today was a group of pelicans swimming in the middle of the marina.

A dutch sailor found our website, because he was looking for a ROC129, the design of our AMBERELLA. He send us some data sheets of the contructeur.

We are about to sail again to Turkey. Klaus, a German who lives in Rhodes since 20 years, ask us to bring some teak wood from Turkey. AMBERELLA turns into a carrier ship;). We had to go anyway and now we have an even better opportunity visiting our friends in Fethiye.

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