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September 1999 Diary

30th September 1999 I was watching the fish swimming around AMBERELLA today and fed them with bread. Later Nastasja came with her toy fishnet and ask me catch some. I was holding the little net in front of the bread and pulled the net as soon as a fish was trying to get the bread. Within 10 minutes we had 5 small fishes in our basket. They were just enough for dinner. Actually they tasted quite nice.

29th September 1999 Yes we made it. Our deck is finished. Nina and me are quite happy with the result. The sand acts as a perfect nonskit, although it is not too rough. We now have a safety net around the reeling, so that Nastasja can walk freely oin deck.

27th September 1999 Now we are motivated again and did go back to work. Half of the deck and the cockpit appears in a new white color. I removed the decks windows and put them back together. A net for Nastasja savety is now around our reeling. But we underestimated the amount of paint we need for the deck work and run out of it. Here in Ciflik Bay is no store at all. Nina went allready twice with the bus to Marmaris, but had no succes finding the proper paint. It's the old story, if you don't run into the right person, nobody can help you. Nina ask in about 10 shops, but nobody had an answer. But she could find a story were she can order the paint.

Today I went there to get it. This is as well the only chance to update our website, since Ciftlik Bay has no GSM network connection. I can't send or receive files from the internet here.

22th September 1999 People we meet keep telling us how much they envy us. Most of them are here for a couple of weeks holidays and they see in us somebody who lives their dreams. But we don't feel this way since we are frustrated about this years progress. We have made no distance, sailed only a few miles and still have a lot of work ahead of us. From my point of view I would never rebuilt an old yacht anymore unless it sits in front of my house garden and I can take my time, saving money and spending it as it comes in.

The people who are telling us, that it is impossible to live on board and work on it, seem right, because I have never been this lazy.

The last days were worse. I could not have bothered to do anything on the boat and so 4 days pased with self pity. I talked to an old sailor and he said something I find is true: "Most young people are more troubled about life than old people, although the old ones fear health problems etc etc...but the young ones worry much more and don't seem to see how good they live.".

18th September 1999 My Weather-cummunikation has made a progress. For the first time I managed to receive baudot RTTY. This is like Navtext and there are a few stations sending 5 days sea weather forecasts. I use my Macintosh Laptop and the shareware Multimode from Cris Smolinski. The Mac does not need a demulator, but uses only his microfone plugin.

14th September 1999 We have no communication in Ciftlik Bay. The mobil phone has no signal and the local telephones work only until Marmaris. There will be no update of the website until we leave this bay.

Again, time is passing very quickly. Up to now I have painted the deck with epoxy resin and added sand to the surface. I call my deck nowThis is a very good non skid solution, since the old profile had almost vanished. The previous owner has painted the deck with some kind of paint that does not hold any longer to it, but it is hard to remove it inside the grid like surface. The only solutionü

8th September 1999 AMBERELLA leaves early in the morning for Ciftlik a little bay, 10 miles north from here. We don't plan to come back to Marmaris and maybe Ciftlik is our last station leaving from Turkey.

Medical matters in Turkey. If it does not hurt, don't go! Yesterday Nina and Nastasja went into town to get a refreshment injection for Nastasja against hepatitis A viruses (bad water, vegetables etc). In Turkey one must buy the serum in a drugstore and go with it to a doctor, for the injection. Nina went into 10 different stores and was shocked and angry to find that nobody had an idea about this subject. Instead they just shrugged their heads and wanted to sell her hepatitis B serum, not knowing the difference.

Even the doctor in the hospital said that the serum she bought is against the flu. He than consulted a book and had to learn that Nina was right. On the other hand we had so far good experiences with private hospitals in Fethiye. Marmaris is different. When Nina was at the dentist , 2 weeks ago, to have a check up, the dentist looked at her and said "If it is not hurting, you dont have to come"

7th September 1999 We watched a VideoCD on my Apple PowerBook. "The Horse Whisperer" from Robert Redford. Nastasja could get a glance on a few scenes before going to bed. She now said she wants a horse. Nina told her that we would'nt have enough space for a horse on the boat. Nastasja was quite thinking for a long time, but than she said "still I want one".

6th September 1999 Probably the last big shopping in Turkey today. We plan to sail back to Ciftlik, where we can refill water and finish the deck. It is really time now.

I picked up my new storm jib. I am quite satisfied with the result, but first I have to sail it.

5th September 1999 I made an experiment with the deck paint. Since the original none skid has gone, I try to make one by myself with Rhodes beach sand. I painted a hatch with epoxy resin and put the sand over it. It lookes pretty good and seams very durable.

2nd September 1999 Again we quesitioning our planes. I checked the marina we wanted to go to in Tunesia, Cap Monastir. It is not a cheap as everybody told us. On the other hand we don't want to stay another winter in Turkey. This is not a very good idea from a psychologic point of view. Either we want to sail long term or stay stuck in an sailing area. So there is no choice. We have to go.

I find myself thinking that it was easy to leave Switzerland, give up the job and leave the flat. But now I find it hard to leave an anchorage I know pretty well.

As well we know a lot of sailors here who stay for another winter. We have been quite a community. But again if we really want to move this boat a little further around the globe now it is time to say good bye.

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