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15th May 1999 ... the crash of the computer on the 10th had some late consequences. The keyboard refuses to work and now it does not start up. Without the Laptop I won't be able to update...

It will take some weeks until the laptop is back from the repair!

14th May 1999 It looks quite comfortable in AMBERELLA. Nina has placed almost all of the carpets and covers. I would not believe what a big change that is.

No water for 3 days in Fethiye. As we planned to dock on the marina and get our 900 litre of tanks filled, we have to wait for the water to return. Most of Fethiye is affected. We filled all tanks in our apartment and can only wait.

12th May 1999 Beside some electrical installations I still replace the rails and winches on deck. The aluminium rails have formed a strong bond with the old stainless steel screws. Only severe force helped to loosen them off the aluminium. I had similar problems with two of the older winches and don't like aluminium since. So now I had to buy more than 100 new stainless screws and nuts. Again an unplanned expense. When I keep saying my self how often I could save money with the planned installations I always forget about the lots of little things that make my budget suffer. With only a few month left we need urgently a source of money. Looks like we need to get a job for a few month.

10th May 1999 PowerBook Crash! I nearly suffered a heart attack, when my PowerBook Laptoop dropped out of my backpack, while we were walking in Göcek. I took the computer hastily and with lots of swears and examined the damage. There was nothing to see. Luckily no broken screen to start with. Something I could have not afforded to repair. Only a little scratch reminds me of the event. Without the laptop my homepage would have been impossible to keep up to date, even though I have done this already with the help of my brother last year, when I had no laptop for a few month. The CD player seemed to have a late damage today but again I was lucky to only replace the CD and have it work properly again.

9th May 1999 We drove again to Göcek. I wanted to have a look at a stainless steel frame, which could hold our solar panels. But the frame was not what I expected.

The move onto the boot was postponed another time. Nina is not very excited about this, but I think she sees the point. I had problems to refit the rails and spend most of the week on them.

Beside other jobs I connected a pack of 3 12 Volt batteries and the compressor for the refrigerator. First I plugged the batteries wrongly and had suddenly 38 Volt on the voltmeter, until I understood that I needed to connect them parallel. The first lesson on electrical matters is learned:)

8th May 1999 This week we were really busy. Because of the temperature, daytime over 30 °C ( (more than 86 F) I started as early as 0600 o clock to work. The main installation inside are done and I focus now on electrical matters. Its actually something I have a hard time with, but I will get along.

Nina was doing the carpets and mattresses. We separated the front cabin as work shop and want to start live in the salon and the other two bunks. We really need to get on the boat, because our money is running out quickly while we live on the land.

7th May 1999 Trouble with the Internet. My power adapter for my Apple PowerBook refused to cooperate and now I can only charge its batteries with the 12 Volt system on bord. The last 3 days the Internet seemed to be down. I could not download any emails and surf only a few websites. I have now 3 diffenet dial ups in Turkey but only one seems to be reliable.

2nd May 1999 Nina set the time for the first day to liveonboard for next week. Well it will be more camping, but it will be romantic:) She will get really angry if we don't make it in time, because we postponed the date already much to often. She says she gets used to the flat if we don't move soon, and that's what I don't want.

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