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May-June Dairy 2001 (Nina)

With the summer arriving many cruisers leave their winter port and this year we are left behind. We said fair well to SY Troll (Beatrice and Pierre) heading for the Balearic Islands, SY Lasquetti (Ingrid and Ludwig) who will sail to Portugal, SY WeGo (with Uschi and Lenn) and a few other boaters we have spent time with this winter in Roquetas.
In June we had visitors from Switzerland. My Sister Yvonne and her three children Christiane, Michael and Oliver, and Yvonnes long time friend Karin. We spend 10 days with them in Roquetas de Mar. We had found them a holiday flat just 20 meters off the beach. Yvonne and the kids slept a few night in our Amberella. I guess the liked the idea to slep at sea.
In July my mother will come and visit. We are looking forward to it.

Frank has finsihed - after a long working break - the dinghi. Bottomline, we all fit into it and it does not sink. It is quite stable as well and Frank tested today if he can manage to get into the fibre glass dinghi from the water. The test passed and the dinghi is stable enough.
As well, one of our life jacket passed an unintetionally test. I am a mianiac in housework and wanted to clean the life jacket. Without thinking I put the jacket into the washing water and was frightened when the jacket blow up. Frank was laughing aloud, and said this was typically me. But I am satisfied. Now I know this jackets work well (Secumar Life jacket, DIN 7929-C, fully automatical inflatable)
In our boat we made some changes. The carpets flew all out. They were not a good idea, allways dirty, sandy and full of Selinas spilled foodrests. Instead we changed for an artifical woodlook in linoleum, which is easy to clean, gives a cooling effct in hot temperatures and fits right into the wooden look of our living quarters. In the galley we improved a locker for storage and I am painting here and there with varnish. The teak wood realing has been painted with a Norwegian product, called Benar, from Jotun. It is a kind of oil but has the look of varnish and supposed to withstand the sunsbeams much better. Well we'll see. We have tried different products from oil to varnish.
But still, Frank needs to finish many jobs he has began and I bug him allmost everyday with what he should change. Some of the deck paint peels of and I have started to work through it.
This week Nastasja will visit the kindergarden for the last time, because of the summer holidays. I think she is looking forward to be at home for some time. Allready now she tries to delay our walk to the childreen school every morning, and wishes to go to the beach instead.
Our sailing friends Monika and Reinwalt, SY Moby Dyck will start cruising Marocco for a few weeks. After a winter spent together, we can call us family, and we are looking forward to see them back in Roquetas soon.
I work now on a regular basis for a travel agency and travel with German, Belgian, French and English tourist to the historical town Granada. Beside the linguistically challenge I had to read a lot about the Spanisch history. I like the opportunity to see more from Andalusia and the work with the local people. Granada so far, is definitely my favorite town in Spain. The work is a welcome change in our daily routine.
Frank tries, beside his work on the boat, the web design work, his father-friend-husband role now his luck as fisherman. Until now he had little luck. Almost every night they go out to sea, on a little commercial fishing vessel. But I guess Frank can tell more about it....

The life of the fisherman (Frank)

Well, another experience in life, a complete new challenge..going fishing for money. It sounds easy. The fish seams only to be waiting out there for us. 2 Spanish fisherman were looking for a third party and since I had to make some more money I wanted to give it a try. Why not. Beside the opportunity to look behind the scenes of a fisherman life I now have the opportunity to learn very quickly Spanish, since this is the only language spoken on board. So now I had my deep look into the idyll of a fishermans life... I can say, it is a time consuming, dirty and hard job. On the other hand I am much more comfortable a sea, with it's cool breeze, than in the heat of the city.
We catch with a line and more 1500 hooks. The whole setup is more than 4 miles long. Last week we had little look. Twice the line broke and we lost it to the sea. Only little fish was catched so far. In any case I have to satisfy myself with a big catch. Otherwise I wont belive the tales of the others. In the month of August we try to catch big tuna. For a 300kg tuna, we talk big money. I think the dream of the big catch drives those fisherman every night out to sea. I havent seen money so far. Last week we catched so little that I earned only 25$ a week. This is less than starvagion wages, but I will give it another try. Thank to my digital camera I will be able to proof my tale of the big fish.
Frank and Nina © Juni 2001


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