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21th January 1999 The work with my brothers, Thomas and Michael, is much more fun than doing it all alone. Michael, as learned carpender, started right with his business and Thomas takes care of the electrical matters. The wind generator, an Air-Marine, is already installed.

18th January 1999 Tonight my two brothers Thomas and Michael come to Fethiye. They will support me for two weeks on the AMBERELLA project. It's urgently necessary, because I seem to fail with some of my boat building plans. Thomas is and electronic expert and Michael is a carpenter. What a surprise? These boys come right in time:-)

16th January 1999 I could persuade Nina to add some female view points to the web site. She calls it woman's horizon and she will write now and than about something men will never understand:-) This time she talks about washing

13th January 1999 In the meantime I finished the Rhodos-report. It's the first time that I find it hard to write the whole thing in two languages. I had the German pages ready 2 days ago and allmost toyed with the idea not to translate it. But finally I got the grip. Hope you enjoy!

I still have trouble with my modem and can not connect via GSM. So I need to use a land line connection in order to download my email and files.

8th January 1999 It was perfect sailing until the wind died half way. Back in Asia and back to work.

7th January 1999 Although the weather forecast predicted bad weather until Friday it looks like we are sailing today. The wind is allmost gone and there is no high swell visible so far.

4th January 1999 We were right. No sailing today. We are stuck in Rhodes. So I keep working on the Rhodes story that I will down load soon!

3rd January 1999 The weather changed dramatically. We had fun flying Georgs' little parachute until the wind was so strong that we were almost lifted from the beach. In the evening the wind picked up to 6-8 Bf and we doubt if we can sail back to Turkey tomorrow.

31st December 1998 Rhodes is a quite impressive island and I am working on a special report about it. I forgot my cable to download the digital pictures. So the report has to wait until we arrive in Fethiye again.

29th December 1998 We sailed with Georgs SY Isenisca to Rhodes, Greece. Steep and uncomfortable waves forced us to wait the night in a bay some 10 sm. from Fethiye. The waves bashed into the bay and we did not have a very comfortable night. The next morning was more quiet and we lifted the anchor. A little wind allowed us to stabilise the boat in the waves and later we even switched off the motor and sailed a little.

26th December 1998 Nina and Nastasja arrived and we celebrate our family reunification. Man I am glad to have the two girls back.!

I wrote an article for the Forster Wochenblatt, a German local newspaper in my hometown.

24th December 1998 I wish you all a pleasant festive season. I think christmas time is the only time where I get homesick. But we try very hard to compensate with traditional German food during those days:-)

I did not shoot many pictures lately, but here are the impressions of there is still a brand new Izmir and Istanbul story to read.

22nd December 1998 The last week was spent on a trip to Izmir and Istanbul (see travel story)

The late update iomes due to a failure of my modem. It just refuses to co-operate sometime. I hope to get a new one in January.

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