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30th April 1999 Back at the construction site. We drove from Göcek with the bus to Fethiye, because George decided to stay in the bays a little while. That's what we want to do soon. So we are back with a new rush of motivation.

I laid out more water hoses and connected the cooking stove. Nina came back from town with a huge pile of mattresses, finished from the tailor. Slowly the chaos gets into little order. Slowly.

A messy job with the galley pump. The water spilled everwere but not through the hoses. A look at the pump revealed the total damage (45 $). A plastic Whale Gusher galley pump ! Actualy not a bad pump, but the fragile plastic screwholes make sure that your maintanance becomes self destrcution. I tried to fix it, but I think it will last us just a little while.

28th April 1999 This morning we tried a last time the clear water and had a walk to a nearby spring. There were lots of little pools and terraces. We walked along big fields of wild flowers. I only partly enjoyed their sight until my hay fewer set in.

27thApril 1999 In order to be reminded what sailing is like, we sailed with Georg and his yacht Isenisca into the bays of Fethyie and Göcek. It was perfect sailing weather, a little breeze, no swell and we glid smoothly along. With us were as well Nastasjas girl friend Siwa (4 years) and her parents Gonca and Yardan. In the bay, called Bonus-Büki, we had a nice swim. The water temperature reached already 21°C (70 F), Very nice. The day was completed with a barbeque. Nina and me eagerly talked about our plans to get the own boat going.

26thApril 1999 A new idea for the shower drainage... Now I put a big hand pump right into the cockpit. I connected not only the shower with it, but the bilge too, in order to hand pump it in an emergency, if everything else fails. I am still not recovered from the shocking price of 68$ for a simple two way valve. But a look into my cataloques did reveal the same news for the pleasue boater:(

The fitting of those hoses was a messy job. Especially since the only reliable hose you get in Turkey is as hard as brick and can only be bent with a heat

23/04/99 Eine neue Idee wegen dem Duschwasser musste her. Nun habe ich eine grosse Handpumpe ins Cockpit verlegt mit der ich zur Not auch die Bilge lenzen kann. Beim Kauf des Zweiwege-Ventils musste ich schlucken, denn 120 DM für ein Stück Plastik sind echt zuviel. Doch alle Kataloge bestätigten mir, dass in dieser Branche richtig abgezockt wird.

Das Verlegen der Schläuche war zeitaufwendig. Die Plastikschläuche, die Einzigen die man hier bekommt, sind so knüppelhart, dass das Biegen nur mittels Wärme möglich ist, ganz zu schweigen vom Aufsatz der Verbindungen. Mittels Plastik-Steckverbindungen und Tangit-Kleber baute ich mir die Anschlüsse und Reduzierstücke.

21st April 1999 Since two days I try to find a solution how the pump the water from the shower base. Since I don't want to use an electrical pump I need to install a heavy duty handpump with a hose that is visible inside the bathroom. After I tried all possible solutions and started to work, Nina came and was not happy with the way I wanted to do it. So now I rather have the electrical pump or spent another day thinking:-)

18th April 1999 I decided spontaneous at this damn good weather to have another try horse riding with Nastasja. We visited on our ride in Kayaköv (Kaya-Village) an ancient kings tomb from the time far before the Romans were here. The Turkish Farmer who rented the horses invited us to his home made vine and told us about his village. Kayaköv is a former Greek village which had to be deserted from its inhabitants after the Turks won the war against the Greeks. After years of decay, the places started to attract tourists and its now a famous ghost village. The deserted places with its church, the school building and the market give the visitor still the imagination that it must be somehow alive.

While we had fun riding the horses, Nina was sweatting under the sun sanding the teak rail and re-varnish it. Now I can add jobs to our list which are called "Maintenance", even I have not finished the boat yet.

14th April 1999 The last few working days were spend on the design of the bathroom. After we had stripped everything out, it was obvious to me that it will be a big job too. Pictures of the progress will come soon.

After we had the messy anchoring manoeuvre with the muddy chain jamming my anchor windlass I saw a very simple idea how to solve the problem. 3 scrubber screwed to a big plastic semicircle and attached to a long boat hook. With this you can clean the chain while still under water. Very simple idea but it works and is cheap!

11th April 1999 Our free day was a rainy one and our plan to go horse riding with Nastasja did not work out. Instead we went with our Turkish friends Yardan, Gonca and Siwa (4 years) to the ancient city Kayaköv and had in traditional Mangal- Restaurant a barbecue afternoon.

10th April 1999 Today we moved AMBERELLA to the anchoring ground. Our budget does not allow any more expensive jetties and we can work on deck as much efficient than on the jetty.

When a dutch sailor saw the chaos on the unfinished deck with all the tools he asked me "Do you have an engine?" "I mean one than works?" In order to prove my answer I turned the key in lax motion and was surprised myself how quickly the 30 hp Renault started this time.

The test for the self made anchor windlass was almost passed. We had our 60 Meter chain out. The windlass run smoothly the first 30 Meter of 10 mm chain into the chain locker, but the next very muddy meters of chain jammed the pipe and the chain could not fall freely into the locker. So it jammed several times as well as my nerves did. I have a new job to solve for that matter. The releasing of the chain on the other hand was very easy and my concerns about the jamming of the chain which resulted in sending it back to the work shop twice were groundless..

6th April 1999 I would have been happier on my 30th birthday today. If I could celebrate the event on the boat. But its my own fault. We are just not finished with it.

Now and than I fight the doubts, if we ever make it. There are no real doubts actually. It is more a concern. There is less enthusiasm in the project lately and I keep my mood with reading books from other sailors and their voyages. They keep me focused on the goal. But somehow I feel sometime I am failing. There are so many jobs that could have been finished already but for some strange reason I am not finishing them. I mean its not that I need to try a designer study for a boating magazine. Its only us who want to live comfortable and safe on a boat. But still I am hesitating on every job I am doing and I am unsatisfied with the results. I am just not a craftsmen.

The list of unfinished jobs is sheer endless. The engine needs vibration dampers, the electrical system should gets its solar panels connected and the fridge its compressor installed, the wind generator should get 2 more supports, the switch panel should get the wiring, the toilet its waste tank, the deck its rail back and new paint and more more more but I always need a long time sitting in the boat thinking what is next. Its like not seeing the trees in the forest.

Nina's enthusiasm comes and goes with my mood. She is a much better worker than me and she can do exhausting sanding jobs with much more patience than me. But she needs to know hen we finally move onto the boat. Sometimes she thinks laud about going back to Switzerland, in order to make more money for the boat, but I think its not wise to break this already now.

I think we should work determined on AMBERELLA no matter if it takes much longer than expected and after we finish this task we can think about a change in our plans.

5th April 1999 Still no successful login into the Turkish provider. No Update today. Well, I thing once we get moving I will have trouble to update on a regular basis anyway, without a satellite telephone (unless someone what's to sponsor the expense:-)

3rd April 1999 I was once again aware of the trouble I started by writing a homepage in two languages. Not just I have trouble to keep it at least entertaining to my self. Without any exiting stuff happening in Turkey I suck the words from my fingers.

The turkish Internet provider does not connect any more and I must relay on the more expensive Swiss provider, which makes updates a trouble.

1st April 1999 We want to get on board by the end of this month. Nina and me work with fever on AMBERELLA. We keep switching shifts. If we are really quick we might make it in time...

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