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April 2000 Diary

25th April 2000 I spend the day with Jim and June, from the yacht Canadian Sundet. Jim wants to built the same anker windlass than I installed last year. I showed him the places where he can have it molded and built. We went to Göcek and I helped him to find all the proper shops for parts. By this opportunity I ordered my windlass chainplate in bronce and as well a bronce drum for ropes. I traded the aluminium parts for a telescope spinnaker pole to another sailor. It has a little bend but I fixed it within a day and now have two poles on board.

21th April 2000 Time passes to quick. I have little time for webstories. At the 6th of May, my girls coming back and I am a little stressed, because I might not finish all my jobs. I mean the things a woman notices. Because if I tell her I have the starterengine and the gearbox fixed, or the electricalö wiring set... it will be no big deal, but if the heading would be finished or some carpets washed that is waht they looking for;)Well I polished the old brass lamps. Maybe she'll notice:).

16nd April 2000 Another sightseeing trip. We rented a bus beetween 13 people and went to the ancient castle Tlos. I made 65 pictures and hope to upload a report page about the trip soon. The castle dates back to the Lucian period, some 3000 years ago. Later in the afternoon we drove to Saklikent a famouse spring, where one can walk through the waters in a valley, relax in the cushion of a Turkish restaurant or just enjoy the beautiful countryside.

If I am not to busy I make a little story about the trip soon.

14nd April 2000 The mess in the boat gets bigger. It took me a long time to make a wooden frame for a hatch. All tools are spilled on the floor and Skipper, the cat, makes its own mess, playing with them.Nina and the Kids are in Switzerland now and supposed to come back in 2 weeks. I hope I can fix the salon by than.

I bought a brand new Turkish made fibre glass dinghy. I thought it would be nice to have a bigger dinghy with a bigger family, but when I put the dinghy in the water I realised that I just bought a new fixing job. The dinghy is so unstable that I fear to fall in the water any time I jump in. I have allready an idea to alter the bottom, but it is just another job in the list. Damn it. As if I had nothing else to do. I love Turkish craftmanship again allready . (see entries of 1998/99)


12th April 2000 Today I was persuaded to join in on a tracking walk up to Kayaköy. Actually I wanted to work on the boat, but I thought I could as well sweat out my sinusitis. I did not regret it. It was really phantastic walking 9km up the hills, passing old Beduin villages, the flowering forest, watching the beekeepres, passed an old cisterna from the Roman period and enjoyed the view down the coast. Kaya was once upon a time an important trading city, back in the time when Fethiye was still an unknown fishing village. We walked along a street that was build by the Greeks, long before the Romas came to the area. Kayas inhabitants were all Greeks and in an population exchange programm after the Turks took over most of the people left. The city is now a ghost city and a favorite tourist attraction. Kaya means "stone village".

9nd April 2000 Some inpressions from our trip to Kaya. You see and old cisterna, built by the romans. One of the plenty of turtoises we saw on the road. And two of

8nd April 2000 The website for The Boathouse is now finished. It is a simple layout, but I think it came out well, considering I used only a simple text editor to make it.

7th April 2000 Great. my hayfever converted into sinusitis. I am under drugs, antibiotics, and just hate the day.

3rd April 2000 Technical details: It took me now 3 days to fix my starter motor. No sailing to the bays this time.

The starter would somtimes hang in the cranking phase. When I took it apart I saw a piece of dirt in front of me. I guess it was not cleaned since the boat was built. I changed as well to a new solenoid switch, but had to take it out again, because even though the switch was the same brand and model it had a slighly longer lever, which made it impossible to put the gearwheel properly in the cranking wheel. So I took the whole thing apart again and changed the old switch back into the starter motor. I am glad I finished this greasy job and my engine does now start properly.

It took me a long time as well to figure out why my alternator would sometimes charge with no regulation and sometimes do nothing. I have an ampere meter and can read the charge. But the indication lamp of the alternator would just not go out or never go on. Now I changed the electrical wiring. When I switch to the different batteries the engine panel with oil gauge, revs etc will be switched too. This way the indication lamp gets the right B+ and my regulator charges properly. I changed my main batterie selector as well. The old one (6 month old) had no interleaving contacts and caused the diodes of the alternator to blow up.Until I figured the problem I had blown the diodes in the alternator 3 times and soldered everytime a new set of diodes back. I am pretty good in soldering now:) All this trouble because I do not use a set of diodes between the batteries.

Now with the new setup everything works fine, except that now the power for the starter solenoid switch and the heater plug runs through my house panel. This is bad because my house panel has a load disconnect device. When the batterie power falls below 11.9 V the device switches all power off. When I heat the engine this is the case and my GPS or the cabin light would go off when I start the engine. This is like starting an old car, when the radio would go out while cranking the engine. I came to the idea to build in a heater plug time relais, but the one I bought just yesterday would only heat for 10 seconds. For the time beeing I have installed a "booster switch" which shortens B+ of the battrie for the time of starting the engine.

All right so much for technical information. I am waiting at the moment for an exposion scetch of my Paragon hydrolic gear box. It is leaking badly and I have to do something. Again a first timer job, but with my latest experiences I am quite selfconfident.


2nd April 2000 The website for the hotel is coming up slowly. I have to put everything "by hand" because my website editor does not work any more. I use a regular text editor, but creating proper tables with this is a pain.

Skipper our cat makes trouble. Since 3 days she has not used her toilet. I searched the whole boat where she would possibly go to now, even looked into the chain locker but just could not find the "sh...". Her toilet is clean since we are at anchor. I was wooried she has constipation, but I found today a huge load of sh... on my sailing bags. I was so angry and put Skipper into the dinghy and lenghened the line. There she was mewing away until the dinghy drifted back close enough to the boat, so she would jump back. I am especially mad at the cat, because you would think a cat is using rather a clean toilet than a sailing bag for the 3rd time. But no she goes onto the dirty place again and again. Luckily the sailing bag was covered by a venyl cover and I could easy clean the mess. I cut a piece of her favorite venyl and put it in her toilet.

This afternoon Skipper made another mess on my sailing bag. I put her again into the dinghy. This time she could not come back on board because a little wind was blowing the dinghy far behind the boat. I herad her mewing a long time until the sound had disappeared. Lucking down into the dinghy Skipper was gone. She must have jumped in the water by purpose. I saw her paddling to the anchor chain, but when she saw me she swam another lengh of the boat back to me. I frantically searched for net to fish her out of the water, but when I finally found it, Skipper was back on board. She pulled herself up a fender which was hanging close to the water. This was Skippers first swimming leasson and she is a great swimmer. Well, I washed her with fresh water which she took without complains, and dried her with a towel. I hope she learned something out of it.


1st April 2000 My hayfever is really bad at the moment. The deck is yellow from pollen and the sea is yellow two. I have to sneeze and caught heavily. Bea from SY Constellation wants to give me a receipe from one of her "witches craft books". Since days I drink 4 liters tee and even more water, but is is no help. The tabletts I take make me really tired and today I fall alsleep in the middle of the day.

Yesterday was the first real summer day. Herbet and Bea, SY Contellation, where just at AMBERELLA. I made pea soup for the first time and it turned out pretty good with bacon and all the good stuff in it. Later on we played guitar. It was a really nice evening.

Tomorrow I start doing a website for the Hotel The Boathouse, former Mediterran Hotel. Its another little job and pocket money.

Georg, SY Isenisca, sailed into the bays. I was about to join him with AMBERELLA but I had to postpone it to next week. I want to take some material with me and do some work, go swimming etc. Now the mountains are beautiful with all kinds of wild flowers. If only my hayfever would not be as bad.

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