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30th March 1999  The rain season in Turkeys seams back. The weather map shows one Low after another.

Nina worked all day today on AMBERELLA while Nastasja and me had a lazy day. Nina made a new entry about a dying street dog on her website.

The project AMBERELLA goes on. Now and than we get now visits from "experts" who tell us that they would finish the boat with in a few weeks. And sometimes I think they are right. Again I fumbled onto some wood work and cursed myself about the finish. The angles were not right, the jig saw dull...etc etc This turns into real work now, but it should be pleasure boating. Even Nina gets in a single afternoon more done than me within a whole day.

I started to make a list for jobs to finish on my electronic notepad (the Newton MessagePad) but when it run out of memory it gave me the message "this notes is too long, use another one". no comment...

27th March 1999  It took another 2 days to refine the anchor windlass and I still fumble around with a cover for the motor under deck. I start hissing at myself because I just can't get it easy and right. No right angles! Everything is askew. I addition my 2 month old electric drill refused to work. It's a cheap drill with no warranty, so I took it apart and blocked the hammer feature which was causing the problem.

In Turkey the weekend and the following days the "Bayram" (festivity) starts today. This is a kind of harvest festival or Thanksgiving. In tradition the rich people slaughter the animal they can afford and give part of it to the poor. A lot of goats stand tight in the gardens of almost every house and await their bloody death. They get sliced their throat and hung up a tree! until the blood to death. Other countries, other habits!

23rd March 1999  In order to finish the wood work in the front cabin I had to install my self built anchor windlass first. That was a job! I did not feel very comfortable with the idea of drilling big holes into the deck for the chain lead and the bolts and I was wondering if the chain would run properly. Georg helped me. We dissembled the windlass, drilled the holes, fit the aluminium shell on deck and put 8 mm aluminium backing plates under the deck. It took us more than an hour to lay out the 50 mm2 cable from the starter battery to the front cabin. The motor was attached easily. I still don't know how to make this huge motor "invisible" at the front of the cabin. We put the parts back on the shaft and tried the system. No way it was not working. The motor turned, but I could not brake it with the chain nut. It was either slipping or damn tight and not turning. The problem was the spring ring slid from the shaft and the nut was therefore not free turning above the aluminium shell, but pressed onto it by the brake.

At the next try I made sure this was properly inserted and we could successfully try the wind lass. Yes it worked. The chain run smoothly through the chain lead and the motor lifts the chain with no problem.

Another good news is that the old depth sounder works. I almost cut the cable to the transducer, but gave it a last try and it worked this time.

22nd March 1999  Nina's birthday today. She is 25 now and thinks from now on life is over!

18th March 1999  I wanted to send the updates yesterday, but we have a storm here in Fethiye and I needed to return to the boat for its safety. Gales and swell beat into the bay and AMBERELLA was dancing on the lines. A lot of boats left the unsafe town pier and tried to hide on the other side of the bay. There was quite some traffic going on.

My wind generator made this time a real noise and it sounded sometimes like a fired aeroplane. I switched it off and it was quiet for the night.

The swell was not very high but steep and they bashed on the deck.

Today the wind is expected to turn to West and reach speeds to 11 bft. But at the moment there is rain and its a sign for lesser wind. I would rather have had a little wind, but rain. The wind from the west is no threat for AMBERELLA since we get pushed away from the pier and have less swell.

17th March 1999  The boat building on AMBERELLA goes on very slowly. Sometimes I despair of a very little job and am frustrated when I finished it, because I know it was not well done. I sit in the cockpit and stare at things, unable to do anything. Georg confirms that he had the same problems when he built his boat. But I always catch myself looking at AMBERELLA and find she is very beautiful. This proves to me that we are doing the right thing. The kitchen is one of those jobs that seems never to be finished. It took 2 months just to find someone who has a press and can glue the laminate on the plywood.

13th March 1999  Yesterday was one of those days again. Together with Georg we found a dinghy that was lost and stolen 2 months ago. We went to the owner and told him about it. Since he is happy to have it back he gave us 1 case of beer as a reward. We bring the treasure back to my boat, have a few beers and Georg takes the rest with him on his boat. There he puts it on the footbridge, forgets about it and when he realises that it is still outside he found neither the case nor his footbridge. The case fell down into 3 meters of muddy water.

Today the water is clear and we can see the shadow of the case with all bottles inside beneath his boat. So we will spend Sunday fishing beer with a line :-)

10th March 1999  As time passes our budget melts. Again a big expense was added for AMBERELLA. I bought a Danfoss-Kompressor and a vaporiser for the cooling box. To complete the project, a set of 3 (at least 90 A) batteries must be added, the connection to the solar panels and the lines to the switch board should be done. If I look at it I find it crazy to build a refrigerator in a boat. If you look at the cost it does not make sense at all. The compressor is one of the bigger expenses, but you must look at all the following parts that are needed. The fridge takes about 60 Ampere per day and you need a big pack of batteries if you don't want to start your engine everyday and let it run for hours in order to keep it cold. Then you must charge the batteries constantly otherwise you will run the engine for days or need to connect the charger on shore. So I added solar panels and a wind generator. But if nothing charges a device will switch off the fridge, in order to protect the batteries from destruction. I wished it would be easier and CHEAPER. I account at least 1700 US$ only for the refrigeration system on board. The cold beer becomes an expensive item on board.

3rd March 1999  Today, after a shopping morning we forgot about our troubles and had a free afternoon, climbing the Hillside mountain ridge and enjoyed the sunset over the sea. The weather turned quite nicely now and we record temperatures above 20 °C.

Nina made a new entry in her view of things, talking today about riding the buses.

2nd March 1999  Another month passes and I feel dizzy when I think about all the work I still need to do on AMBERELLA. Will this ever end? Our time schedule is now hard to keep. I have to admit that I underestimated the time consuming task of rebuilding a yacht and that I have not expected to do this much work. We probably will change our plans for spring. I don't want to look at a list of to do tasks, but I should.

Just the other day I decided to pull out another part of old woodwork, because it was in very bad shape and partly rotten. I mean we are so far in rebuilding this yacht now and I would later be annoyed by not doing it properly at the first chance.

Our budget is pretty tight and we can't afford professional help. I am not fond of Turkish professionals anyway, from what I learned so far. If here somebody hammers a nail straight into a wall he calls himself a "Master". I lost enough nerves with my anchor windlass project, which has now a little description added, for all you might show interest.

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