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28th October 1998 Two days off and on the way with SY Isenisca to Göcek. We spend only the afternoon in Göcek town. Next morning was pretty windy and we decided to leave for a nice and protected bay called "Quellenbucht" Here is a nice spring and crystal clear water for snorkeling.

In Göcek I bought a second hand VHF Icom. It came pretty cheap with all gear, like charger and spare batteries.

Georg SY Isenisca from Isen / Bavaria

26th October 1998 AMBERELLAs swims and is dry.

We hit ground when we slid down the ramp, but I had a look this morning and only recovered 2 minor scratches on the steel keel.
There was a scarry moment when the engine started and the gear box went in reverse, but could not be switched forward--> About 20 cm from the old steel wreck we managed to switch the gear and off we went.
The engine powers up quite well.
But that was not all.

I recovered water in the bilge and had a look at a seacock leaking...but no ..I was wrong -> the water came from somewhere else and I recovered a broken hose from the bilge pump, the only hose I have had not replaced. This pump is a double water pump from the engine and does take little water for the impeller in order not to run dry when there is no water to pump from the bilge, because the pump is allways running when the engine runs.

After this was fixed and I could not find any problems I was very relieved and happpy to be afloat:-)
I now anchor opposite of Fethyie in a bay called Hide Park Corner.

We sail today to Göcek with another boat, taking 2-3 days holiday. AMBERELLA stays here.

Men, you dont believe how relieved I am and I know look forward to get AMBERELLA in shape.

24th October 1998 Since there did nothing happen today with AMBERELLA launching. I helped Wolfgang und Angelika from Lingalonga . They had a little job to do on their mast

23th October 1998 Today is AMBERELLAs launching day and I am very excited. The last 12 days have been very exhausting. We coated the teak reeling with 6 coats of varnish. The below water area was primed twice with epoxy primer and has a first coat of antifouling applied. There will come 3 more coats of antifouling today when we are sitting on the slide, ready to launch. We applied a first white coat of two part polyurethane paint to the above water area. We used the roller but I was not satisfied with the result and decided for painting with brush . It took us 2 days to water sand the hull by hand before another coat of paint could be applied...The engine was running another time, starts a bit bitchy but is okay. I bought a used outboard and repaired it, because dirty fuel blocked the fuelsystem and I had to take it apart 7 times!! before it finally run properly. AMBERELLA has 60 meter of brand new 10mm chain and a new 24 kg CQR Anker. (with the 22 kg Danforth I hope to have two secure anchors) Next week I plan for an electric anchorwinch.

But the next two days I will do nothing but go swimming and lazing. After 24 days of working through I need a break::-)

7th October 1998 After one week I conclude still to be able to launch in time. There was a lot to organise but now I have help from Annemarie, a first crew member and two turkish workers.

    This has been done so far:

The keel

sanded, sanded, sanded... and big part of galvanic corrosion removed with a hammer
filled with two part polyurethane filler
primed with two coats of epoxy keel primer (the stuff is from International and similiar to epoxy tar)
welded 4 stainless screws for anodes onto the keel (should have been done 20 years ago!  
The below water hull

sanded sanded sanded (ready for priming tomorrow )

The above water hull

sanded, sanded... will be sanded again with water and sandpaper tomorrow
sanded the teak realing...looks very nice now!
ready for filling and varnish

The engine

    installed a 200 ampere battery, engine runs nicely..I change oel before launching.

The shaft gear, cuttlass bearing

1th October 1998 My first day work on AMBERELLA made me optimistic. I have only 14 days until AMBERELLA must be launched, because the season in Fethyie is over and all commercial boats and ferries come back on the shipyard. I dont want to be blocked...

22th September 1998 Finally we coming closer to become a really sailing site. I am more than exited to fly to Fethyie, Turkey. Unfortunately I will not be able to progress the website before end October. There is just to much work to do and I will put all my efforts into AMBERELLA.

Here is AMBERELLAs crew:

Nina, Frank & Nastasja

We hope to have you back on our site in October!

14th September 1998 Back on the WWW. It only took me 1 week to get the PowerBook back, but some more time to get all the erased software.

Jeff from Sailing around the world / Out of Bounds mailed me and told me about the link to my webpage he placed on his link pages. I am flattered:-) His site is realyy well maintained and I have to go a long way until I finally get the same response on my site.

3th September 1998 Biggest todays news is. My PowerBook and the other stolen PowerBook units that were stolen from my work place were reported at the German border to Poland in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany! Hopefully next week I have it back and can get this site in shape!

By the way I added pictures of AMBERELLA to the Intro page in order to wave rumors that I am rich and just need to jump on a boat to sail the world;-) No you are very wrong. Its going to be the hard but the right way to enjoy the fullfillment of a dream.

2th September 1998 Flights to Turkey, Dalaman are finally confirmed! .. I learned a good lesson about web design today and I can happily announce that my pages can be read in both major operarting systems with the same appearance, since lately I got fed up by the bad appearance on Windows IE 4.0, and when I changed it in favorite of Windows Users my Mac friends had to rubb their eyes, in order to read the smaller styles (remember there is Mac OS and there is something called Windows) Anyway, that seams to be solved. I will improve the apperance soon more professionally.

Enjoy this site as it is constructed and read more about the plans of our world circumnavigation. More stories will be downloaded this summer on AMBERELLAs Logbook:-) and as well some review of former trips Enjoy

Any comments and help on designing my homepage is very much appreciated (I would even want some hints on bad grammar in English, as I am native German speaking)

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