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AMBERELLAs Diary - 5th June till 1th September
1th September 1998 Whoa, New Yorks Stock Exchange is in its free fall "and nobaody wants to catch a 700 pound safe, falling out a 4 floor building". Anyway I have better news from Turkey. Martina and Lutz did fax me the messurements of my shaft and I ordered the items straight away from the Netherlands. AMBERELLA will have a very sophisticated stern gland and I hope the investment will prove right

30th August 1998 I am getting nervous, since Martina and Lutz have not yet given me any details about the prop shaft or if the bugger is around at all. I regret not having done this myself, when we were down there ourselfs. Its really a pain to rely onto somebody else. Well I guess Think Positive is todays phrase:-)

29th August 1998 I am not on the lucky side, at the moment. After a theft at my works place, I am handicaped without a PowerBook. I used to use a G3 Series Apple PowerBook from my work ( / )but its was stolen among other brand new Wallstreet G3 Series PowerBooks last tuesday night. The worst is that most of my personnel data, a collection of videos and pictures I have done with my Sony DSC-F1 digital still camera were stolen with the laptop. Now I will have trouble to get my site in shape before I fly down to Turkey September 30th. I think I end up sending the HTML code for my pages with my little Newton Message Pad via email to my brother while working on the yacht in Turkey On a second thought, its not a bad idea at all

22th August 1998 Big trouble builds up in Turkey, because Martina and Kurt, from SY Shiva told me the prop shaft can not be found and might be stolen! I have ask the two to make precise messurements of the shafts diameter, because I need to by new bearings and a stern gland. Now without a shaft I am looking at another major investment. I only hope its a big missunderstanding and that the propshaft appears to be where Gary told me he left it when he was working in Fethyie.

20th August 1998 The count down tics, I get a bit nervous about all the things I want to do. Flights are booked and I wait for answers from Turkey...

15th August 1998 I started to get in touch with my Turkish contacts. I allready have a flat for the Dezember / January time, because its cold and wet during this month and AMBERELLA might not comfortable than. Here in Zurich, the heatwave continius to go on. I give my best to finsh the pages about Mout Rinjani Trekking, Indonesia and the Western Australia Sailing Adventure. The idea to keep it in two languages holds me up pretty much. I hope I will get in on the web soon..stay tuned

10th August 1998 Well, my homepage got a bit dusty, but I was not lazy at all. I was working on a German page called Mount Rinjani Trekking (go and practise your German:-)) and I am about to finish the below mentioned Perth to Darwin pages...sooooon

There is a heat wave in Zürich, so dont expect to much from me at the moment. Your input is welcome as allwas:-)

26th July 1998 Just managed to finally get started with the story of my first cruising experience. Goto my page Perth to Darwin, The ultimate sailing experience. To be continued

23th July 1998 Wow, we have tropical heat in Zürich. I finally managed to get a decent weatherfax reception, but I am still not happy with this kind of communication. Its not something I would like to rely on. I wished I had more time for the web and could get my other Australian travel stories on this site. Well stay tuned on this matter:-)

20th July 1998 Still no news from Mr. Breunner, but a lot of helpful advise from my favorite newsgroup I continue to learn hoe to use weather fax and started to go over the navigation books again!

8th July 1998 I talked to Mr Breuner, France, the designer of my AMBERELLA today and he told me that not he, but Mr Maurice Thievent was the contructor of AMBERELLA in 1972. So that means I need to find him for more details about AMBERELLA

30th June 1998 Redesigned for the third time my homepage and trashed all kind of "special effect" Its not worth to write a glimmer book. I stay with this new design hopefully a while:-)

23th June 1998 I am reading daily the Newsgroups for boatbuilders. and save a lot of information which I might need later on AMBERELLA. The Good news of today is that I finally could get a hold of the designer of AMBERELLA. Yes its true, the boat was built in 1972 by Mr. Gerard Auzephy-Breunner. I called him right away, when I had his adress in my hands. I am looking forward for the information he send me about our yacht. This is really exciting!

15th June 1998 Bad news from Fethyie. Gary gave up. After he could not get certain parts for the propshaft, a cutles bearing and other things, he decided to leave Turkey. I cant really blame him since I know how Turkey can demotivate a boater and he putallready enough effort into "my project". But on the other hand I am frustrated and dont know how I will meet my own schedule.

11th June 1998 In Fethyie the work goes on. The hull becomes a new white coat. We had a bit of confusion on weather to sand the whole hull below water and apply a new coat of epoxy, but some good advise from a chatt within a newsgroup helped us decide. More details in my newsgroup archive the only newspaper that brings the story from last week;-)

7th June 1998 News from Fethyie today. Gary called and explained the progress he has made on AMBERELLA. It looks like I have done a very poor job during our month of holiday in February, when I compare with what he achived within one week.

AMBERELLAs has a new seacock, new valves, a ruddershaft, and the crack near the prop has been done properly with epoxy . This week Gary wants to fit a new battery and ckecks the engine. Now since Gary is down there our time schedule is back on track. Finally I will put a picture of AMBERELLA on the Web.(soon)

5th June 1998 The crew of AMBERELLA is still enjoying the life of the landlubbers of having enough space and taking now and than a bath at the nice Lake Zurich, where we live at the moment.

An australian friend is currently down in Fethyie, Turkey, where he undertakes some work on AMBERELLA. Nastasja (now 18 month old) Nina and me (Frank) will move and live on board in October this year...

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