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4.7.2002 We are back in Spain and move the boat to Sevilla...............

stay tuned...

September Diary 2001

19. September Today my brothers and friend Patrick left Spain. On Monday we sailed another leg along the coast of Roquetas de Mar. The day before we went horse riding and Michael shot another little video from the horse riding range. More videos online on their website (text is German only).

external image, Amberella under sail

new! September 2001 Videosequence from Amberella under sail as Quicktime Movie (MacOS) or for users of Mediaplayer. (Windows). This 5mb video shows Amberella sailing with Frank, his brothers and friends in the Bay of Almeria.(max 10 min download time with 56k modem)

My brothers Thomas and Michael make holiday on board Amberella. Michael traveled with his friend Patrick 3300 km from Germany to southern Spain. They put theit story online at (German only)

Amberella under sail.

15. September Amberella was ready to go when my two brothers arrived for holiday. We started with a light breeze into the Bay of Almeria and later had moderate winds to sails with speeds up to 6.5 knots. Michael was filming part of the trip and put the whole story on his German website We made a sailing trip around the bay of Almeria with my Brothers Thomas and Michael, and as well the two Patrick. Patrick from Germany and Patrick from France.

Videosequence from Amberella under sail as Quicktime Movie or for users of Mediaplayer

03. September 2001. We made up our mind about our future and will move back to Switzerland for a year or 2. Amberella will wait for us in Spain and we plan to move to Spain sooner or later. Frank has an offer to work for the technology company Solutionpark in Zurich.

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