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An anchor windlass for less $$$

Well I am not to much of an expert and will not go into details until you ask me a specific question. Here I will let the pictures do their job.

Already a year ago a friend told me about this motors which are available for little money. They have been used on US fighter aircraft for setting the angle of the aircraft wings. This powerful engine came with a planet gearbox already fitted. It run very slow and therefore was ideal for an anchor windlass

When I browsed in catalogues and marine shops for a ready to go windlasses, there was nothing that fit my budget. So I heard from this guy who has a 6 ton catamaran which he pulled with his anchor windlass onto the beach. I was ready for a try.

And this is what came out.

The hardest part was to explain the Turks, that there was reason to work with finesse on that chain lead. Because they might think that only a rough 10 mm chain runs through this part, does not mean they can work it their way. I had to send it back 3 times for this purpose and still am not 100 % satisfied (but tired from explaining the same story again and again) Anyway as you see on the above patched picture.

the left side shows the running parts and the right side shows the flange for the engine, which was already with the motor, the manufactured stainless shaft with keyway , seal ring, bearing and the right down at the corner , the actual engine.

That's the way it looks assembled without the engine, which is bolted down at the black flange.

As I said I am not 100% satisfied, The chain lead will bring some surprises and might be modified again and I am not happy with the to little aluminium drum for anchor ropes.

But if I calculate the project I come to:

$140 for the motor, $160 for all manufactured parts, $100 for a very thick but flexible cable, $50 for 150 Amp circuit breaker and a relays.

which adds to $460 for a 2200 watt powerful anchor winch which I can repair myself.

One year after this story I have improved the chain lead and exchanged the whole peace against a modified bronce molded chain housing and a bronce rope drum. The windlass has now serverd for 3 years with no problem and little maintanance. I can only recommend the system, since the strengh of that motor is just unbeatable. (frank September 2002)

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