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From Fethiye to Tlos and Saklikent

Between 13 Sailors we rented a bus and drove from Fethiye to the nearby castle Tlos. There were Lutz and Martina, from SY Schiwa, Jim and June from SY Canadian Sunset, Gabi and 4 guests from SY Ganova, Georg, Herbert and helma from SY Isenisca and me.

The castle in Tlos was allready a very importend and strategic location 3000 years ago. The Lycians, the old Greeks, the Romans, later the Byzantians and more Dynasties used it and rebuilt it for their needs. Everywere you can see traces of different times. There are tombs from the Lycian period. Horse stables from the Byzantians and Turks and of course a lot ob building built by the Greeks and Romans.

Most obvious are the Roman buildings. One can see a stadium, a bath, a church and and aphitheater. It is very pleasant up the mountains, while it was allready a hot spring day down in the town. You can oversee the whole area and the snowy mountains in the distance. I was amazed by the theater. You can sit on every place, even far up and still here every word that is spoken down in the arena. Behind the theater we saw the women working on the field like 3000 years ago, with simple tools and donkeys pulling plows.

Tlos is quite famouse for its fish farms. We went to one of the farms and had a nice meal of baked trout.

Later on we took the road down to Saklikent, a famouse tourist attraction. It a beautiful little narrow valley. In summer when the water is not as high one can walk through the river and go much deeper into it.We went a little bit into and enjoyed the quite place. When the tourists arrive soon it will be too busy here.

I enjoyed the green spring day and saw a lot of flowers, flowering trees and collected oregano in the hills. Later on all will be burned by the sun the green of the grasses turnes brown.

We had another stop at one of the many roead side restaurants and let the afternoon pass in the cushions of a turkish place.© 2000 Frank Schefter, amberware