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Michaels Soundpages my little brothers music site now with his 3rd new CD online
My big brother, Thomas, sponsors the webspace and helps a lot when it comes to Internet questions.
His own business focuses on webdesign and client services. http://www.schefter.net
And of course my parents business is present on the Internet too. Their company, a rent a car business in Germany, pays for my GSM phone bills. This way I can communicate via email.

Sites I use to visit / Wo ich so surfe!
Out of Bounds sailing around the world. My favourite story related to sailing.
Cruisers NewNet a list of Ships at See and Stories from sailors for sailors.
Boat Owners World very much sailing related information and listings.

marine electronics
PinOak --> SSB radio email and Macintosh? (english) an expensive option for the day sailor . There are negative comments about the system see also www.outofbounds.com
Maptech --> electronical marine charts on CD (english)
Macintosh and weatherfax Quintessencedesign offers the easy solution (english)
Multimode , weather fax, NavText, RTTY. morse encoding and more for Mac users.
best overview and prices on Radios at www.aesham.com
good advise on www.hfradio.com and my hfFAXfrequenzies list

marine hardwarewww.marinehardware.com
www.marinediesel.com best overview on diesel engines for boats

www.boatus.com they have everything, but not allways cheap
www.psiinc.com shaft seal PSS System
www.sailrite.com quotes for sail kits, sewing maschines, do it your self

weather related sites
first there is my AMBERELLA weather site that displays the Brackall weatherfax of Europe
for extensive waether maps and all possible info see Georg Muellers weather site

magazines , news and information
Cruising World the magazine goes www, check the message boards!
Palstek deutsches Seglermagazin. nützliche Anzeigen
TO Trans Ocean Verein zur Förderung des Fahrtensegelns

www.tidesend.com charts and reprints for less $

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